black guy pondering with Huawei Watch in background

Is the Huawei Watch Worth It? Review

The Huawei Watch (black stainless steel edition) was $100 off this Black Friday- Cyber Monday. Even with that discount, was that price tag enticing enough to warrant a purchase? Presentation: Look. Look with your special eyes. Pay careful attention to the intricate details, the precise cuts and sporty notches all around the bezel, the angled cuts on…


Astro A50 Giveaway!

Astro A50 Giveaway It would seem it’s time to give something away, and it just so happens to be an expensive, high-quality headset from Astrogaming! Details are above!


How do the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prisms stack up?

It’s almost holiday season, which means deciding on what to add to your wish list will be tricky, especially with so many different audio experiences awaiting you. Will the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism headset make the cut? Presentation: While product designs are typically a very subjective topic, there are certain products that generally have pleasant aesthetic…

A mere reflection of inner turmoil?

My Life is Strange, (Maybe Crazy) Fan Theory

What I think Life is Strange is really about… By Kevin Kennedy WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS! So, I just finished Life is Strange, and played through both endings (each so very bittersweet), and some thoughts I’ve been thinking throughout the game have crystalized. You see, I don’t think that any of the events after the initial bathroom…

Black Oni Podcast ep48

Black Oni Podcast Ep 48: Straight Outta gaming

Episode 48: Straight Outta Gaming Agenda 1- I-I-I-Iiiice Breaker!! 2- Gamin’ News 3- Hot Topic 1- INTRO/ I-I-I-ICE BREAKER!!! • What’s your best impression of any character in nerdom? I wanna get to know ya – Introduction to Kelly, early days as a gamer, and how she became the media presence she is today –…

Black Oni Podcast Ep 47

Black Oni Podcast Ep 47: I Kan Has Hadoken Now?

Join me in welcoming my new (and likely returning) special Guest Tony Polanco from The Koalition! Download mp3 Episode 47: Agenda 1- I-I-I-Iiiice Breaker!! 2- Gamin’ News 3- Hot Topic 1- INTRO/ I-I-I-ICE BREAKER!!! • What video game would translate best into a movie? 2- GAMIN’ NEWS • Whatcha playin’? News: • Satoru Iwata, president…


Where My Dog’s At? Gunnar Optiks “Sheadog” Crystalline Review

With 6 months of testing these “puppies”, we’ll be finding out if Gunnar Optiks’ products are just “marketing fluff”, or if there’s any truth to their words. Presentation: As with any other product review on this site, I’ll be starting the review by talking about the Sheadog Crystalline’s presentation. I find myself really drawn to these from an…


Ninja Conspiracy Theory: Are Heavenly Sword & Hellblade Connected?

Many new gamers don’t know about “Heavenly Sword“, a launch-window release for Sony’s Playstation 3, starring the “scantily clad”, strong-willed, and deadly Nariko. If you’re looking for an old cult classic, I’d highly recommend Heavenly Sword. While it doesn’t visually hold up the same way I remember from it’s launch, it was ahead of its…


Black Oni Podcast 46: E3 Battle Royale!

Episode 46: E3 Battle Royale Agenda 1- I-I-I-Iiiice Breaker!! 2- Gamin’ News 3- Hot Topic 1- INTRO/ I-I-I-ICE BREAKER!!! • What were you hoping would be announced at E3 that wasn’t? 2- GAMIN’ NEWS • Whatcha playin’? Latest Game Releases: June Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (Xbox One, PS4) – June 16, Canvaleon (Wii U) –…