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Will “Black Oni” Wiggins

As leader and owner of Black Oni, I (Jae_Blaze06) have become accustomed to the world of art, design, and gaming. As an illustrator, graphic designer, and game enthusiast, I have worked with several artists and businesses as both an artist, and as a gamer. What started off as a passion project for the gaming side of Black Oni, has grown to a pillar of what Black Oni is all about. Favorite games are Metal Gear (series), Onimusha 3, Mass Effect 3, and Batman Arkham City. To contact me directly, please refer to (Blackoni.com) or contact me through social media.

Youtube: Will Wiggins
Twitch: Blackoni
Twitter: blackoni
Facebook: Black Oni
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Instagram: Black Oni
PSN: Jae_Blaze06
Xbox Live: BlackOni6
Steam ID: Jae_Blaze06

David Blackwell

Hey I’m David! My favorite game is Uncharted 2, and I’m a sucker for a good FPS game. I love just shootin the breeze and talking anything game related, and being a part of podcasts and writing articles is just very therapeutic to my gaming brain. Be sure to check out more of my articles on wdwp.co!

Gamertag: sonofkratos03
Site: wdwp.co

Kevin Kennedy

I’m an avid gamer, both of the video and tabletop variety.  I’m a sucker for a good RPG, and I love games that are different.  I’m a pop culture addict, and love to talk about it.  I’m also a college professor, so I love to talk about games from an academic standpoint, as well as a player’s standpoint.  I’m a frequent podcast guest as well as a contributor to the site, writing reviews and articles.
Gamertag (PSN, Nintendo, Steam): theonekk
Tumblr: KKosaurus
Twitter: @KKosaurus

Chris Yarger

Hi, I’m Chris. My favorite game is Dark Souls, and I love lamp. In a few years, psychologists will deem me to be, ‘mentally retarded’, which simply means “I r rite gud stuf”

Gamertag: Mr Yarger
PSN: MrYarger
Youtube: Bee vs Cee