Our Vision

Dear Reader,

We at Black Oni Blog take pride in aligning ourselves with brands and companies that care about providing quality artistic, gaming, and tech experiences to consumers. Beyond this letter, you can find a list of partners that we have worked with.

We value your trust, and are committed to transparency and honesty. It’s important that you have a clear picture as to what logistical relationships we’ve built. In regards to reviews and impressions, allow us to be clear. We have not, and will never, accept money to favorably review or favorably cover a product. The truth about a product is far more important than the “all mighty” dollar. If products are provided for review, we explicitly state in the review or featured article that said product was provided by a company. If a company has sponsored a video or article, you will know, plain and simple.

Additionally, regardless of any personal connections or relationships with an outside party, we will continue to deliver honest and un-skewed content. We want to foster positivity in the gaming community and help this industry grow through these close relationships we form with you, our viewers, and the other wonderful pundits, content creators, reporters, and journalists. We care about this industry, and want to share our passion and love of gaming with the world.

If ever, you feel that we are delivering content that misaligns with this vision, please reach out to me on twitter. Thank you for supporting us, and keep being awesome. Game on, Black Oni out!

-Will “Black Oni” Wiggins