An Unexpected Party Favorite

I wanted to take a moment to address the elephant in the room; finding party games can be a challenge in this day in age of online multiplayer centric experiences. Often times, it can be a matter of playing a fighting game like Street Fighter that most people will just button mash to, or a game of COD where only 3 of the people there actually know how to move and aim the camera at the same time. Developers have gotten a bit better at this, with games like Rayman Legends, Rocket League, Sports friends, The Jackbox party pack, Disney’s Fantasia, Tiny Brains, and a few others. It can be argued, that any game can become a party game in the right context, but there are some that lean themselves towards that play-style more so than others. I am Bread is one of those games that, while isn’t inherently a multiplayer centric game, it’s one that works incredibly well within a group of friends, especially while intoxicated (don’t drink kids!)

Who knew a game that is centered on getting from one side of the kitchen to the other would prove to be so challenging? But here we are, faced with a game that not not only provides a difficult to master control scheme, but one that goes out of it’s way to make the path to the toaster as challenging as possible. In a way, it reminds me of surgeon simulator, with hilarious flailing antics that make what would otherwise be a frustrating experience, entertaining to take part in. Obviously, a game like this doesn’t center too much on story mechanics, but it does have a fair share of great moments.

There are other games that can be played as party games that weren’t mentioned here. What are your favorites to play with others in the same room?