Black Oni Podcast Episode 53: Butt Why?

Download here (coming soon) Episode 53:  Butt Why? w/ special guests Mona & Maie Aiyed & Christine We are thrilled to welcome Cosplayer Christine, Maiye Aiyed, and Mona Aiyed in addition to our usual cast to this people packed podcast. During some ongoing chats in the Black Oni Podcast message thread, we thought it would make…


Should You Grapple Hook Back into Dying Light?

When Dying Light first graced our consoles early last year, I was greeted with a really interesting surprise. Sure, we had seen zombie games before, and the very similar game Dead Island launched on PS3 with the premise of being an open world zombie slaying action game, similar to what Dying Light is doing with it’s title. But there…


Halo themed Astro A40 giveaway

I just so happen to have a twitch follower exclusive giveaway available to you guys. All you have to do to enter is follow the directions on the link below, follow black oni on twitch, and hope you win! Epic Twitch Halo Themed Astro Headset giveaway


Will Street Fighter V Disappoint at Launch?

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Street Fighter. From the moment I played Street Fighter 2 at arcades and on my home console, the SNES, I knew I had an itch to become a better gamer. The allure of competing with other players in a battle of wits, situational awareness, and complex maneuvers was…


Through the Lense: Top 5 Aesthetic Games

Welcome to a new segment where I give you my reflections on games through the lense of an artist. I want to bridge my knowledge of art making with my passion for gaming, and deliver a unique experience and perspective to you all. As such, I’ll open this segment up by outlining my top 5 aesthetic…

geralt and ciri back to back

Is The Witcher 3 Worthy of “Game of the Year?”

  There will always be a time of the year when people wish to crown a game as “game of the year.” Sometimes, it’s easy to pick a winner, whether it’s because there weren’t that many stand out games in the year, or because said title is more-or-less regarded as a universally loved title. Other…