Black Oni Podcast 62 | Goin’ Deep Down & In The Sky w/ Ken Levine

Please join me in welcoming special guest Ken Levine, of Bioshock, Tribes: Vengeance, System Shock, Thief, and SWAT. On this episode, we’ll discuss everything from past games, the development process, inside info for the next “Through the Lens” episode, & Politics. You don’t want to miss this! Download mp3

Episode 62: Agenda

1- Ice Breaker!!
2- Gamin’ News
3- Hot Topic

1- INTRO/ I-I-I-ICE BREAKER!!! (15 mins)
• Guests: Will, Kevin Kennedy, Dave (Icaru5h) Special Guest: Ken Levine
Ice Breaker: What would be a wild or interesting gaming related drink?

I wanna get to know ya- (30 mins)
• Is there any series you’ve done in the past that you would love a shot at reviving through a sequel or remake?
• One of the things that helps us deal with stress is gaming and being able to escape to another world. In an interview,  you mentioned that managing the stresses that came with bioshock took a tole on your health and relationships. How do you unwind from your role as creative director?
• How does being a creator change the way you experience games?
• Do you find that gaming stresses you out more when you look at it from a design standpoint, rather than just playing it?
• I wanted to note that the next “Through the Lens” episode will be for Bioshock, though I’m conflicted as to which game in the series I want to talk about most. I get the sense that you have more fondness for Bioshock 1, but how would you rank 1-2 games in terms of visual design and/or intricacy?
• When creating your worlds, how much of the visual language is already decided upon by you vs the art director(s) working on a project?
• In Bioshock 1, you played with the idea of a silent protagonist, and in infinite, the character had more of a voice. But in both, the player couldn’t see a reflection of themselves, and as such, connected to the characters in a different way. How would being able to see the character, or a reflection of the character in any of the Bioshock games changed the experience?
• You’ve talked before about your favorite games, but what was the most emotional gaming experience you’ve ever had?

• What upcoming games are you excited for? list

• PS4 pro analysis. Good value for consumers or ripoff?
• Has Nintendo NX’s silence gone on too long? What do we expect?
• First ever cross platform between xbox one, pc, ps4 is Minecraft (server support only)? Does this spell cooperation for future titles?

• Insomniac, Scruta Games, Tomorrow Today labs, & Polytron backs out of VR support over anti Hillary Pro Trump campaign. Should political stances interfere with game development?