Black Oni Podcast 64 | The Waitin’ Game

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Episode 63: Agenda (2hrs)

1- Ice Breaker!!
2- Gamin’ News
3- Hot Topic

1- INTRO/ I-I-I-ICE BREAKER!!! (15 mins)
• Guests: Will “Black Oni” Wiggins, Chris “Itsyoru” Lazcano, Jamael “Dream Manifested” Owens
Ice Breaker: What is one thing you always do when you create a character?

2- GAMIN’ NEWS (35 minutes)
• Recent Releases list
• What have you been playing?

• Uncharted 4 DLC and co op announced
The Last of us 2 announced
Marvel Vs Capcom 4 announced (gameplay)
Crash Bandicoot N Sane collection
• The Game awards game of the year went to Overwatch
• Highlight Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?
Hideo Kojima locked into separate room during last 6 months of development for MGSV???

3- HOT TOPIC (30 mins)
• Guest topics
• Final Fantasy Impressions, the good, the bad, and the wtf?
• Are you getting The Last Guardian?