Black Oni Podcast 76 | The Man Behind Black Oni

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Title: Getting to know the man behind the collective

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  2. Gamin News
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  • Guest: Will “Black Oni” Wiggins, Dreammanifested, Itsyoru, (Ashleydu)
  • What is your current career/profession?
  • What animes or cartoons influenced your art style as a child?
  • When did you know that you wanted a career in the creative realm?
  • Ultimately, what is your goal for your art?
  • What were some obstacles that you overcame on the journey to your profession, and what advice can you give those looking to have creative careers?
  • You’ve been gaining a lot of ground with your Youtube and Twitch presence. When did it click that you were getting it right?
  • What mark do you want to leave on the world through your art and presence?


  • Whatcha playin?
  • Lawbreakers is around the corner; PS4 OR PC?!
  • Picked up a lot of followers with DreamDaddy. Any plans to do anything more with that?
  • Tournaments. Do you keep up with them. Will you or have you made any appearances?
  • Destiny 2 Beta thoughts
  • FF15 Multiplayer and KH3 announcement
  • Hellblade/Lawbreakers 29.99 price point


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  • Questions from the chat