Black Oni Podcast Ep 48: Straight Outta gaming

Episode 48: Straight Outta Gaming

1- I-I-I-Iiiice Breaker!!
2- Gamin’ News
3- Hot Topic

• What’s your best impression of any character in nerdom?

I wanna get to know ya
– Introduction to Kelly, early days as a gamer, and how she became the media presence she is today
– Favorite games growing up
– What she does now
– Pro’s and Con’s of position and media presence (where the haters at?)

• Whatcha playin’?
Notable Releases?: Vanishing of Ethan Carter, God of War Remastered, King’s Quest ep 1, Life is Strange ep 4, Rare Replay, Submerged, Everybody’s gone to rapture,

• Breaking news- Learned through a very viable source the situation with Kojima at Konami 
• Scalebound and Quantum Break looking quite impressive! What other games out of Gamescom has you excited?
• Xbox One and 40in Samsung TV for $500 deal. Will deals like that help X1 overtake sales in the US?  
• John Wick the video game announced
• Destiny looking to right its wrongs with Taken King with actual character interaction, revamped leveling system, new weapons and looting system. (is it too late for them?)
• Kingdom Hearts 3 getting a Big Hero 6 world
• Resident Evil 2 remake in development

• Guest Topics
• Dota 2 pro league tournament nets $6 mill & crackdowns on drugs in pro gaming. What will it take for gaming to be as widely accepted as a competitive sport as other sports?
• What would be your #1 choice for a remake?