Black Oni Podcast Episode 14: The Next Gen?

Welcome to another back to back FUPICSODE of the Black Oni Podcast! I have some good news, and bad news for you guys in relation to the PS4 so stay tuned! Long story short, Jae_Blaze06’s PS4 keeps turning off on him, flickering parts of the screen before completely shutting off, then refusing to display the hdmi signal from the PS4 to the TV while the blue light pulsates on the console. With either the stock hard drive, or the upgraded one, the problem still persists. After inspecting the hdmi chord, intput and output slots, and removing the hard drives time and time again, I can only assume it’s due to either system firmware issues, or system overheating. Either way, JAE BLAZE IS NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! Download here:
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Podcast Agenda:

Black Oni Podcast Episode 14: The Next Generation

• How much sleep have you lost as a result of the PS4?

• What have you been playing this week? Quick review
• Latest/New game releases: PS4, Killzone Shadow Fall, COD Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Ratchet and Clank into the Nexus, Legend of Zelda: A link between worlds

• PS4 is upon us! People having issues with the console not working properly?
• Infinity Ward recycles ending sequence from past game? Do people care?–Ghosts-Opening.html
• Mass Effect 4 in production!
• Possible New Xbox boss wants to sell off Xbox division. What impact would this have on the xbox, and on the gaming industry?
• FUCK. JAPAN. MGS5 Ground Zeroes is not only not getting a physical release for next gen, but Japan gets an exclusive special edition with both a figure and a watch. CMON NOW!!!
• Sony possible bringing Shenmue to PS4?? They’ve been asking fans to tell them what games they want to see.

• Guest topics
• Is the fight for the living room even relevant anymore?
• People getting their hands on the Xbone user interface and kinect says the kinect and snap feature really makes the experience smooth and quick. How does sony’s console compare?
• Blockbuster just officially closed the rest of its stores, and Game disks for next gen only authenticate content on your hard drive… you still have to install the games on your hard drive. Is an all digital future coming any sooner? Is online game sharing enough incentive to get you on board for digital game releases, especially with the ability to download and play at the same time?

• For those of you at home having any issues with your PS4, just take a lookie here!

• Last week we asked which console has the best launch lineup. Over the long run, who has the better game lineup?