Black Oni Podcast Episode 18: Sonic Boom!

Check out the latest episode of the Black Oni Podcast! Jae_Blaze06, SOILakaSOAD, JCMac120, and YaHomieD talk about the hot stuff in the gaming industry! Black Oni Podcast Episode 18: Sonic Boom! Download mp3


1- I-I-I-Iiiice Breaker!!
2- Gamin’
3- Gamin’ News
4- Hot Topic

• What is your favorite special move in gaming?

• Whatcha playing
• Latest/New game releases: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Might & Magic X Legacy, Insurgency, Guise of the Wolf, Blackguards, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Outlast, Fable Anniversary, Adams Venture Chronicles

• Amazon buys Double Helix Studios. Link
• GTA5 and The Last of Us definitive edition rumored on their way to PS4? Link
• Rumors of a white Xbox One becoming available to consumers soon? Link
• News of several youtubers paid to promote xbox one without disclosure. Link
• Nintendo now considering licensing IP’s, integrating smart devices as new strategy, even open to a merger or acquisition of some IP’s? Link
• Microsoft running a promotion to buy your PS3 for $100 towards the Xbox One. Link
• Another Duke Nukem Game on the way? Sonic Boom? Kingdom Come: Deliverance announced! Murdered, Soul Suspect coming to next gen after all!

• Guest topics-
• Some developers claim that 60 FPS doesn’t always make sense for their game. What do you think? Link Another Link
• Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes mission time clocks around 2 hours? Is this acceptable? Why? Link
• Titan Fall Alpha footage leaked 1 month before it’s release. Is it normal for a game to have alpha footage look this bad a month before launch? Link
• Are trophies and achievements important in gaming?