Black Oni Podcast Episode 19: You ARE the controller!

Episode 19 is upon us, and it’s pretty long! (that’s what she said). We have a new guest on the Black Oni Podcast who goes by the name AJs2fast4nos. Download MP3


1- I-I-I-Iiiice Breaker!!
2- Gamin’
3- Gamin’ News
4- Hot Topic

• What’s the most vintage/oldest console you’ve played?

• Whatcha playing
• Latest/New game releases: Toukiden, world of tanks, dead state, Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13, Earth Defense Force 2025, Nascar 14, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Stryder,  Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Rayman Legends

• IBuy Steam Machine revealed, rivals price of X1. Link
• Daylight reveals that you can connect with live streamers on PS4 and type in commands that connect with the game to trigger events. Link
• Microsoft reveals Xbox One remote? Link
• TItanfall Beta reaches 2 million. Link
• Developer reveals they can get 60fps, but it might not feel right for their game. Link
• PS4 reaches 5.3 million in sales before Japan Launch, X1 at 3.6 million. Link
• Nintendo Direct unveils Sequel to Steel driver, Kirby triple deluxe, Yoshi’s New Island, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, Little Mac revealed for Super Smash Bros, Monster Hunter 4. Link

• Guest topics-
• Is all of the Hype Titan Fall is receiving justified? Link
• With both TitanFall and Evolve mixing things up the online world, do you think more gamers will fall back in love with multiplayer gaming? Link
• With Irrational Games studio shutting down to narrow down vision, and industry pioneers like Cliffy B working more towards smaller teams, do we think that will be a solution to the crap we get from bigger teams?

Also, this hahah.

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    • I’m glad you like it! It’s been awesome being a part of the industry, and I’m excited to continue delivering podcasts!

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