Black Oni Podcast Episode 40: Oni Evolved

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1- I-I-I-Iiiice Breaker!!
2- Gamin’
3- Gamin’ News
4- Hot Topic

• Since Evolve is about one party against a big boss monster, my question is: What boss in any media sticks out in your mind as the ultimate big bad?

2- Interview
• How did you come to work for Turtle Rock?
• How did your team come up with the idea for Evolve?
• Evolve was delayed for quite a while. What tweaks were you making during that time?
• What would you like to see from the Evolve community in the coming months? What, to you, is a successful fan response?
• If you could bring a monster from any movie into your game, what monster would you choose?

• Latest Game Releases
Feb. 10: Evolve (PS4, X1, PC), Chivalry, Medieval Warfare (PC), AeternoBlade (Vita), Overture (PC), Minutes (PS4, Vita), Super Stardust Ultra (PS4)
Feb 14: New 3ds XL, Majora’s Mask (3ds), Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3ds)
Feb 17: Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (PS3, PS4, X1), Total War: Attila (PC), Trivial Pursuit Live (360), Paparazzi (WiiU), Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock (PC), Pillar (PS4), Hand of Fate (PS4, X1)
• The Order has come under fire just before release after claims that the game is five hours, though developers deny this claim, studio executives say the game is about 8-10 hours in length. How short is too short? Is there a point where, regardless of quality, a game isn’t worth $60?
• Zelda Wii U’s series producer claims the series is “As big as the system can handle,” but takes issue with the “open world” label, as he says that the series has always allowed you to explore a vast world. What’s one thing would you love to see in this Zelda.
• Darksiders 2 to get a Definitive edition for next-gen systems, new developer Nordic confirms. After THQ was dissolved, fans thought the series dead, but the creative developer says that the “new developer is committed to continuing the series.”
• World of Warcraft adding new colorblind support, adding words to describe rarity (alongside color), as well as making other tweaks. (If Hess is still on) As a games maker, how much do you try and add support for all players, including those with different needs?
• The Last Guardian’s trademark has expired in the US, but Sony execs reassure fans that the game is still in development, despite a long history of delays after its 2009 announcement, handoffs, and system changes.

• Guest Topic
• Evolve mixes up a familiar multiplayer idea (a team-shooter), bringing in new strategy and a new game type.  What else would you like to see happen to multiplayer in the future?