Black Oni Podcast Episode 53: Butt Why?

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Episode 53:  Butt Why? w/ special guests Mona & Maie Aiyed & Christine

We are thrilled to welcome Cosplayer Christine, Maiye Aiyed, and Mona Aiyed in addition to our usual cast to this people packed podcast. During some ongoing chats in the Black Oni Podcast message thread, we thought it would make sense to get a more varied basis of opinions added to the mix. What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave them in the comments section of the video!

• Who is the sexiest character in gaming to you? (or) Who was your first gaming crush?

I wanna get to know ya- Interview w/ Mona, & Christine, Maie
– What was your first gaming memory?
– What is your favorite game of all time?
– What made you decide to pursue being in the gaming industry?
– Who would you most like to meet in the gaming industry?
– If you could make a game, what would it be like?

• Whatcha playin’?

Playstation VR may find its way onto PC
• Final Fantasy 15 release date September 30th!
Playstation 4.5 on the way?
• Mixed reviews in the air, first Batman VS Superman, now Quantum Break


• Guest Topics
• The Overwatch Buttgate situation, and what it means for gaming. Is sexuality in gaming misinterpreted, or is it an actual problem?
• Based on what we know, is Ali Rapp’s termination from Nintendo warranted? (claims that these links are the reason 1 2 3.