Welcome everyone! I see the official Black Oni Facebook page has been gaining considerable traction, which is EPIC. Loving all of the likes and support from fans of video games, art, and of course, Black Oni. To continue on with the posts I know you love, I’ll bring to you a video showcasing some awesome Black Ops 2 multiplayer footage, along with my own thoughts. Grab some popcorn, because this video is looooooooooooooo-

So allow me to outline a few points I have about this game, and what I’m the most interested by. These aspects boil down to fun factor, customization, spectating, and competition. In terms of the fun factor, I’ve always had fun with COD games, but I think some of my best memories playing it (whether that’s to do with the people I’ve played with, or the gameplay mechanics) have been with Black Ops. Modern Warfare 2 (even with all of its broken glory) was an absolute blast to play, but since Black Ops came out and got rid of stopping power (YES) I’ve been finding new ways to create strategies and implement my own twist on any given class. It really opened the game up to try new things, and offering a fresh perspective on a tried and true forumla; it was just what COD needed. In short, I since getting rid of stopping power literally opened up the gates for players to actually develop a play style, rather than relying on whether or not one has a gun that actually can kill someone.

The customization in this game looks to really take this class creation above and beyond what we’re used to. Wild cards, multiple perks in each category, and new “score streaks” bring a level of unique gameplay that hasn’t been seen in any COD game yet. The player cards haven’t even been fully revealed yet, and I’m sure there will be many new ways to create awesome or funny graphics (aimed at you boob and penis lovers). I’m excited.

I’ve always been a fan of video game tournament and gameplay spectating for a while. I’ve been obsessed with watching the Dead Or Alive tournament gameplay from E3, and my excitement for that game has been off the charts! (will have a review of that game soon). I have no idea how this model will be structured, but giving anyone the ability to spectate and offer commentary on whichever game they please. This can either be time consuming to find good commentators, or really interesting to see how people get excited.

Finally, (maybe most important to some), is the competitive nature of the beast. COD is by far the most mainstream and popular video game in existence this generation, and it has garnered tons of press and attention. People are learning about MLG- Major League Gaming sub culture, and its gotten to the point where many are craving a tv show for mlg (arena anyone?) . Its many gamers dreams to be MLG players, get sponsors, gaming equipment, and their own logo (b-t-dubs, that service is coming soon to Black Oni) etc, and now just getting on, playing, and posting can take you that much closer to that dream. I love competing with friends online, and we take for granted the ability to sit at the comfort of our own homes and play video games with and against people all of the world. WHENEVER WE WANT. The idea of having people to connect with online hasn’t always existed, and I greatly appreciate our ability to do so. Never before has it been so easy and entertaining to connect with people at home! (Though some of you should really go out more. The sun is your friend!) Anyway, its an awesome time to be a gamer, and I hope to see you all online soon! Share your thoughts!