Destiny: Rise of Iron | Updates Galore! | Part 01 – Artifacts and Light Level

Rise of Iron - Concept Art - Saladin and Wolf

This week we have seen a plethora of updates coming out of Game Informer regarding the upcoming release of Rise of Iron, the next expansion for Destiny, coming out September 20th. Love it or hate it, Destiny is chugging along just fine. And I, for one, love it.

But what came out this week? What did we learn? Thanks to that article, there’s a ton of interesting tidbits to latch onto. If you’re like me and you’re eagerly—and impatiently—waiting for the next expansion, then you’re probably sucking up any piece of information you can find. And this week’s update is no different. From new artifacts to a higher light level, and even a look into what will be happening after Rise of Iron comes out. So let’s jump in!

We already know what a higher light level means. According to Game Informer’s article, the light level cap will increase from the current 335 to 385 with the release of Rise of Iron. Sometime after that, when Bungie finally graces us with the heroic raid option, the light level will then jump up to 400 at max. That’s pretty straight forward info, so let’s move on. I’m more interested in these new artifacts.


Last September, when The Taken King expansion came out, a new item for Guardians to find and equip arrived—the artifact. These artifacts were unique to the class you played as. Much like the Mark (Titan), Cloak (Hunter), and the Bond (James Bond… I mean, Warlock), these artifacts were only equipable if you were using them on the corresponding class. Apparently, though, we will be seeing 8 new artifacts Guardians can equip on any class. But more importantly, it’s what these new artifacts can do that has me excited.

Some examples were given, but these new artifacts have new abilities that, when combined with the variety of exotic armor and weapons available for each class, should allow for an interesting array of customizable gameplay, depending on each Guardian’s individual preferences. Of the examples provided, they include: an artifact that deactivates your super but replaces it with a second grenade and melee charge, as well as a boost to your overall stats; an artifact that allows you to somehow take control or sway enemies to fight for you for a time; an artifact that lets you sprint all the time without there being any cool down period between sprints; and an artifact that allows you to reflect incoming projectiles with your sword.

This is really interesting! Which are you most excited for? What else is in store? I always enjoy being the run-and-gun person in PvP, with my rapid-firing pulse rifle and Invective shotgun, playing as a Hunter (yeah, I’m that guy). In PvE, I prefer to stay mobile and keep ahead of—or behind—the enemy, never staying in one place for too long if I can help it. As a result, I love some sprinting! As such, removing the cool down period between sprints is going to be very much abused by me once I get my hands on it! I have to admit the artifact that allows you to reflect incoming projectile is going to be a nightmare in PvP, so I may enjoy that to its fullest extent in Iron Banner.

Which artifact are you most interested in getting your hands on? Destiny: Rise of Iron release September 20th, 2016. Almost there, Guardians! And check out Part 2, coming out later this weekend for more info!