DX Racer Wants Yo Booty!

There’s one item that keeps on being mentioned as an essential to any gamer, whether they’re pro or not, in order to keep gaming sessions long and comfortable. It’s something we rarely think about- but is something that’s vital to your health. It’s something that’s as simple as having a place to rest “yo booty” and your back. I’m speaking of course, of chairs, and I’m here to tell you how DXRacer has been looking to change the game!

Having a good chair is vital for keeping your body in good shape, and keeping you in front of the television or monitor longer. This is why DXRacer had a strong presence at PAX East 2015. They set up an exhibition space for gamers to pop a squat, and play a game on a nearby PC’s, sit in a group playing Super Smash Bros, or simply just sit down. Two men were on deck to answer questions, and they pretty much had most of their available chairs available for gamers to try out.

When it comes to DXRacer chairs, the idea was to give gamers an opportunity to try one of these chairs out for themselves. They aren’t common place in your average, run-of-the-mill store, so gaining access to it is a bit of a rarity.  I had an opportunity to check out DXRacers line of chairs, starting with the F Series console chair, and as such, got to talk to John Spiher about the chairs to gain a bit more insight on them.

Before I get into the details about these chairs and how DXRacer is looking to change the game, I want to just give you a brief impression of the low to the ground console formula chair. After speaking with Drift0r and Jhub (yay, second time I got to meet him), I sat down and just relaxed. As soon as I sat down on this chair, I could feel the tension in my upper and lower back muscles just release, and I sort of melted into the chair. I’ll be the first to admit, the “lumbar cushion” seemed weird, having this protrusion jutting into my lower back. But for whatever reason, that eased the pressure in my back, and I was able to quickly and easily relax. In addition to looking cool and being endorsed by some of the top gamers, it actually was really comfortable.

As for the line of chairs, they vary between 5 different sizes. As the video illustrates (ranging from smallest to largest), there are the F Series, Racing Series, Max series, Drifting series, and King Series. Each of these chairs have certain perks to using them, like the Drifting series that has extra padding on the sides to lock you in place, or the King series that can adjust to a near 180 degree angle and supports the most weight. Each series has their own set of color options available, but I of course have been most drawn to the grey white and orange f-series model, which seems to be out of stock.

I’ll need to get more hands on time to fully recommend or state whether it’s worth the hefty price tag, but interestingly enough, a lot of other “office chairs” are similarly priced, with many less features and support for those long gaming sessions. It’s too soon to say for sure, but it does seem worth it to invest in based on my short time with it. What do you think? Are you going to be buying a chair any time soon? Leave your comments below, or in the video!

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  1. I couldn’t have put it better when you said it will save yo booty. We often focus on the latest hardware upgrades to improve our frames per second or graphic quality, but rarely stop to think about the importance of investing in a decent gaming chair. Personally my favorites is the DXRacer series. They are a bit pricey but man are they comfortable!

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