Black Oni Podcast 66 | Just Du It!

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Episode 66: Agenda (1hr 20 mins)

Title: Just Du It!

1- Ice Breaker!!
2- Gamin’ News
3- Hot Topic

1- INTRO/ I-I-I-ICE BREAKER!!! (15 mins)
• Guests: Icaru5h, Itsyoru, UndeadDu
Ice Breaker: [insert topic] Is there any person you totally fan boy or fan girled about out in public?
Interview: What was your first cosplay experience like?
Which cosplay would you consider your favorite, and which is your most popular?
What are your favorite games and why?
How did you become a nerd? What was your gateway?

2- GAMIN’ (35 minutes)
• Recent Releases list
• PC Gaming- the verdict and process of building
• Conan Exiles has scalable penises
• Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

3- Stuff-N-Junk (30 mins)
•  What has been your best, and worst Valentine’s Experience?