Black Oni Podcast 70: Creating Content 4 YOU

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1- INTRO/ I-I-I-ICE BREAKER!!! (15 mins)
• Guests: Will “Black Oni” Wiggins, Dreammanifested, Itsyoru, Ashley Du
Ice Breaker: What was the first video you’ve done that has gotten flagged by an automated youtube content ID system?

2- GAMIN’ (35 minutes)
• Whatcha playin’?
Youtube withholding payments for anyone under 11,000 total lifetime views
• Youtube also under flack as advertisers leave their platform.
• Destiny 2 wishlist?
Project Scorpio specs unleashed
Persona 5 devs banning streamers

3- Stuff-N-Junk (30 mins)
• Guest Topics
• Questions from the chat