Black Oni Podcast 73 | Cox Out On The Show

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Title: “Cox out on the show”

1- Ice Breaker!!- Gamin’ News
3- Hot Topic

  • Guests: Will “Black Oni” Wiggins, Itsyoru, DreamManifested, Jesse Cox

Ice Breaker: Who inspired you to become a content creator?

What was the very first game you created a video for?
• If you could make your own game, what would it be like?
• Do you still get starstruck at all?
• Do you find that a lot of people in crowds know who you are if you aren’t at a convention/show?
• More mystery questions

3- GAMIN’ (35 minutes)
• Whatcha playin’?
• E3 Predictions/hopes
• RPing taking over on twitch, will it last?
• State of crowdsource funding games (star citizen, mighty no 9, Friday 13th)

4- Stuff-N-Junk (30 mins)

• People assume that folks in the media don’t experience their own problems, or moments of sadness/depression. How has sadness affected you? How are you down/hard on yourself? What do you do when you’ve reached capacity?
• Guest Topics
• Questions from the chat