Final Fantasy XV: Whats 2 more months?


Most of us feel like this after hearing the news of the delay.

“Please be patient” – a phrase that is etched into my very being. “Please be patient” should be the new slogan for Square Enix. In waiting for what has become my Holy Grail, I’ve become accustomed to waiting years without an update on Final Fantasy XV, Previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Years passed without a developers note on Final Fantasy XV’s progress, gameplay footage, or information in general. It had reached the point where the majority of the people following this game believed that Final Fantasy XV was stuck in developmental hell and would die there. These were dark times, but now here we are, spoiled by a release date (something I genuinely thought would never happen), and what seems like never ending updates on Final Fantasy XV. The updates come packed with enough extra content to satisfy the hungriest of Final Fantasy addicts, and include:

  • An anime that explores the background of each of the four main characters and their ties with one another, aptly named Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood.brotherhood
  • A separate side game integrated with the Playstation VR, allowing you to take control through a first person view of the groups’ gunslinger, Prompto.


    I hope we don’t look as dorky as Prompto does, when we wear our VR.

  • A quirky mobile game based on a pinball game featured in FFXV, dubbed Justice Monsters Five, that will probably have you playing for hours.


    This is going to be one of those games where we get completely addicted, isn’t it?

  • A 2D side-scroller action brawler that details King Regis’s adventures from his youth called A King’s Tale. (only available if pre-ordered through Gamestop)G8922Sv
  • And lastly, but definitely not least, a CG movie that shows the events of what happens to the capital city of Insomnia while Noctis and friends are away called Kingsglaive.


    Kingsglaive premiered in the US, August 19th. Including many big name actors such as Aaron Paul, Lena Headey, and Sean Bean.

All these entries have begun building momentum for Final Fantasy XV, which only increases disappointment when we are told that the game will be delayed another 2 months from the original September 30th release date.


To when Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced.

After a 10 year wait, from the moment Final Fantasy Versus XIII was unveiled at E3 in the summer of 2006, another two month wait does not sound bad at all. When I first a heard a small rumor from various “in the knows” about Final Fantasy XV being delayed another two months, I was probably just as mad as the rest of the fandom, if not more. Issues cited as “fixing bugs” and “better frame rates” became the official reasons for the delay. Square Enix did not want to correct these issues with a massive day one patch, which is admirable if one were really to believe that.

On December 17th, 2015, Square Enix posted a survey, via DuelShockers. Asked whether consumers would buy Persona 5 or Final Fantasy XV. With both not being an option, it seemed that Square Enix was trying to gather enough information to produce a release date that would not collide with Persona 5, which was then revealed at the Square Enix event Uncovered in Los Angeles. That release date was originally September 30th 2016. Final Fantasy fans around the world collapsed to their knees in joy, finally seeing an end to the decade wait. Then, on August 15th, reports came in of Final Fantasy XV being delayed until November 29th, 2016. Rage ensued. All that waiting over the last 10 years, and now more waiting. I thought I was in a reoccurring nightmare where the release date for XV would keep getting pushed farther and farther back. After my despair calmed down, I immediately thought of how popular Persona is, and the reasons start to make sense. September 15th 2016 is the release date of Persona 5 in Japan. Due to both games being released in September, one can understand why Square Enix would push back XV. As of late Square Enix has not had a good track record when it comes to their flagship IP. Square Enix seems to be putting all their faith in XV, thus not wanting any competition when it comes to the release. They don’t want any other games possibly splitting their numbers. Holiday sales would further boost the commercial success that Square Enix is chasing with Final Fantasy XV.

While I would rather have the game on the original release date, I do not mind waiting an extra 2 months for Final Fantasy XV. If the wait means that XV is a commercial success, and well received with fans, I think the extra time will go a long way. Square Enix played it safe by delaying their game for 2 months; with less competition bundled with holiday sales, Square Enix is bound to take full advantage of this new release date.

What are your thoughts on the delay? Do you think Square Enix made a wise move?