Mass Effect Andromeda Giveaway


Don’t get too comfortable with us giving so much away, there’s just too much amazing content coming that we want more of you to be a part of! On this episode of Dragon- Oh wait, wrong thign….

But we’re giving away a copy of Mass Effect Andromeda, for whichever platform you want! Special thanks to many of you who did your part in sharing our previous giveaways and supporting the group. And another special thanks to Art “Echo1034” Loomis for sponsoring this giveaway! You can hit him up on twitter or instagram.

Entry is, once again, quite simple. Follow the directions below, and the winner will be announced via e-mail and live on stream on twitch, as well as on twitter and here. Good luck to everyone!

We’ve Hit Critical Mass (Effect)!

3 thoughts on “Mass Effect Andromeda Giveaway

  1. Nice content you guys got, not bad i get to enter the giveaway at the same time! Subscribed, will keep looking out for more content, keep it up!

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