Why You Should Be Excited for MGSV: The Phantom Pain

There are a number of gamers who missed out on certain franchises throughout history, whether it was because said titles were out of their comprehension range, or they just didn’t “click” with them. I would consider the Metal Gear Solid franchise amongst those titles, not because it isn’t popular, but because so many people have had difficulty easing into the series. Although the folks over at Kojima Productions have recently done a better job at explaining it’s story, it hasn’t done enough to welcome “n00bs” to the series. If not for its long and complex narrative, it may be easier to recommend to newcomers, but for that same reason, is part of Metal Gear’s charm.

In this segment, I will (attempt to) breakdown why you should be excited for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain based on eyes-on experiences, and hands on time with Ground Zeroes. Even if you aren’t already a Metal Gear Fan, I think there will be something for you.

Single Player

With the next generation of console gaming, comes yet another iteration of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. This time, players will see Big Boss evolve from a hero to the perceived villain earlier games portrayed him as. How exactly will this happen? One of the more exciting things about this installment is that ultimately, we know what happens to Big Boss throughout the course of the original Metal Gear games, but we still don’t quite know how Big Boss became such an anarchist. While it’s true, his interpretation of “The Boss’s” Will was different than what she intended, his goal in Peacewalker was partly in line with her thoughts. What exactly happened to Big Boss to essentially drive him to declare war on the US? What happened to his relationship with Major Zero and Kaz? How does Gray Fox fit into all of this? These are all questions that I’m sure many of you have, and they will likely be answered in this installment.

Players were given the opportunity to dive into MGS Ground Zeroes, learning a bit about the characters and backstories associated with them. To fully feel the impact of the events that transpire, it is definitely advised that newcomers play the older titles- but the storytelling and plot comprehension has come a long way, so understanding the basics of the story is much easier now than it ever has been.

In addition to a seemingly digestible narrative, they have really streamlined controls and gameplay mechanics that should be welcoming to both new, and veteran players. While the team over at Kojima Productions has been continuously tweaking the controls and gameplay mechanics, it’s hard to say without physically getting my hands on the final product, whether the controls will be streamlined enough for the average gamer, but I’d place a bet on that being the case.


As with most AAA releases, this game also has a multiplayer mode, but in two variations. One mode ties into your single player progression for what is referred to as “Mother Base”- a customizable home base in the game. In this physical base, players can invade your space in an attempt to steal supplies and vehicles from you. There is much we’ve yet to learn about this mode, and it should prove to mix things up for those seeking something slightly in between single player and multiplayer.

The more standard affair of multiplayer action is referred to as “Metal Gear Online”. During the Games Awards show, the team revealed the competitive multiplayer action. It manages to take on the new gameplay elements including climbing, marking with binoculars, decoys, anti-personal vehicular combat (mini Metal Gears?), CQC techniques, stealth, teleporting (?), and taking selfies… Also, you have the option of playing as special characters, but again, none of the details have really been disclosed.

There really is something for fans of both action, and stealth here, and I’m hoping launch goes smoothly. In lieu of the corner-cutting, and troubled launches for several other titles this year, let’s just hope Kojima Productions doesn’t follow suit. What are your thoughts? Are you excited for MGSV: TPP?