Quarter Circle Forward

Here is where you can check out video game, fantasy, and comic art, as well as articles and interviews. 

.Start has created a series of episodes for a short film called Splinter Cell:Extinction. Interesting story, great choreography, nice effects, subtleties in environments and aspects, and lots of stealth action. I really appreciate the small details and plot development.

She’s at it again. Malukah has created some amazing musiuc. You definitely need to watch this, or even just close your eyes and let her voice take you into the Mass Effect Universe. I don’t know how else to say this, but she needs her own deal. T-shirts n all. (We should talk :))
Download her free music here

Although this itself isn’t footage of the video game, it is so artfully handled and created, I felt it needed some space on the quarter circle forward page. You can pretty much tell whats going on in the story just from this video. The colors, and music create a feeling of sadness that many seem to leave out. Reminds me of the Dead Island Trailer

Kara tech demo. This is an amazing piece. It paints a vivid and striking emotion in you. You are constantly reminded that Kara is indeed an AI, but what is it that makes a human, human? Watching this makes you wonder…

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