Black Oni Podcast 77 | It’s Gettin’ Real

Itunes link | Download MP3Title: “It’s Gettin REAL” 1- Ice Breaker!! 2- Gamin’ News 3- Hot Topic  Intro/ I-I-I-Ice Breaker!! Getting to know Pikachulita Guests: Will “Black Oni” Wiggins, Dreammanifested, Pikachulita, Kkosaurus What sparked your desire to start streaming? What is your favorite game/genre What are your goals for streaming and beyond? Nearing 1500 followers on…

Black Oni Blog PAX East 2017 badge giveaway

It’s time for another fupic giveaway! This time, we have not one, but TWO PAX East 2017 tickets. One of our crew members graciously donated the tickets after he couldn’t attend, and instead of selling them, he decided it was best to give back to our community and raise awareness around what we do, and help…

MLK Day Art Print Givaway

In celebration of MLK day and the amazing opportunities provided through the civil rights leaders of our time, I’m giving away one of my limited run art prints! Entering is simple, just follow the instructions below! MLK Art Print Giveaway

New Product on the Horizon

I wanted to take a moment to introduce a new product to the Black Oni family! Introducing, the very first official “Black Oni Specs!” You can preorder these now until the packaging process is finished for only $10. Preorder quantities are limited, so act fast to get yours!

Why Dreadnought is a Sleeper Hit

Andy from Sandbox Strategies informed me of a game called Dreadnought that I should keep a watchful eye on moving forward heading into embracing PC gaming. I’m convinced, that after trying Dreadnought out for the first time at PAX East 2015, that it is undeniably a sleeper hit, and here are the reasons why. In premise, it doesn’t…