Toast Wood Cover Review

*Update* The folks over at Toast Made send a replacement front panel w/ a beautiful Black Oni Logo engraving. I’m very happy with it!

When I got my xbox one (limited, sunset overdrive edition,) I was intrigued by playing on the console that was touted as the ultimate entertainment experience. But one of the things that aesthetically attracted me was how different it looked in white. It followed a design aesthetic that I set up for my PS4 at the time, with white and orange being the skin I chose. This xbox looked pretty sleek, so I took the plunge, and had an opportunity to play the other games I’d been missing out on. Incidentally, a PR company working with Toast reached out to me, asking if I was interested in checking out their product. I was quite satisfied with how my console looked, but wondered if I could up the ante even further.

Presentation: I went with the bamboo skin, and I’m glad I did. It compliments the white and black found on the console pretty well. The package it came in was much thinner than I had previously anticipated, assuming it would arrive in a thick envelope. The inside had another envelope that contained the individual pieces that would be applied to the Xbox. Opening the packaging for the pieces revealed what appeared to be burn marks on the inside, which added to “toast” theme. (Kudos to the team for that small, but important detail!) After a few months of having this in my home, I can say with confidence that it adds a “layer” of customization, and tradition, to a modern device. It gets high remarks for its high aesthetic value.

Functionality: As one could imagine, customization skins primarily serve the purpose of either protecting the device at hand, or providing a different aesthetic experience. This Toast wooden skin is no exception, in that he provides a great viewing experience. In terms of application, it wasn’t too difficult to apply, though there are a few things people should know before purchasing this product. The adhesive is really, really strong. I have no idea what will happen once I attempt to remove this skin, but there’s no denying it. Once this skin is on, it’s ON. Aligning the skin to each part is the only really challenging part of getting it on here, but if you do make a mistake, you can quickly lift it up and set it in place. After the initial adhesive drying process, removal is much more difficult, and could potentially damage the console and/or cover. I say potentially because their site states that you shouldn’t have anything to worry about regarding residue or damage to the console if in fact, it’s applied on a finish that is standard process for console manufacturers.

Price: The cover/skin I selected for my xbox one was $60, excluding shipping. While I received this cover at no cost for reviewing, I’ll approach this from the mindset of someone who paid for it. $60 is the cost of a new, full-priced, game. As such, you’ll need to prepare yourself to spend that kind of money on an aesthetic upgrade, though I’ll be the first to admit, that it does look nice. If you’re willing to pay a premium for wood or leather, it’s worthwhile. Otherwise,  you could opt to get a vinyl skin that just looks like wood, but we all know that’s not the same.

Lasting Appeal: I’ve had this skin on my xbox one for a few months. People who come over and see it, ask “wait, is that a wooden xbox?” I go on to explain what it is, and usually get the same response. “Oh, that’s really cool!” If you’re someone who’s looking for that same reaction from folks, that alone may be worth the price of admission. If you have a particular aesthetic set up for your work space that follows the theme of wood, and your modern console or entertainment device doesn’t already fit in, this is a great way to bring that flavor to your devices. It’s held up well over the months, and is still something I’m glad I installed on my xbox.

Botton Line: 

The Good:  

  • Beautiful Design
  • Further customization options through logo imprinting available
  • Non destructive adhesive

The Bad:

  • Same price as game
  • Hard to adjust once initial application phase being

You can purchase a skin/cover through the Toast Made website here.