Top 5 Improvements for Witcher 3 (PS4)

The Witcher 3 is a phenomenal game, and as close to perfect as I’ve seen in quite some time. The best thing about it is that CD Projekt Red is stopping at nothing to ensure they can patch as many improvements as they can make. No game is perfect however, so here are the things I’ve decided to delve into to make the experience even better that have yet to be implemented.


Fast travel is only available once you’ve unlocked a fast travel post in a particular area. I feel like it’s a very cool way to have the wonder of discovery catch you off guard, and you know there’s somewhat of a hub of things to do around that particular area. But why must I go to another post sign in order to fast travel to one of these spots? Why does the game not respect our time enough to just allow us to fast travel to these post signs from any location, as long as we’re not in battle?


This game technically has “autosave”, right? Why is it then, that between every major fight, or discovering a mysterious tomb, do I have to constantly manually save the game? There’s autosave for a reason, and it’s wonderful that it’s there, but it simply doesn’t happen enough! MOAR AUTOSAVE PLZ!!!


The movement is a bit… floaty. Keeping control over Geralt while you explore is more of a hassle than it really needs to be. I understand that the movement is all based on momentum, and body weight shifting, but it feels jittery and unresponsive in comparison to some other titles!


Wasn’t there something in the tutorial mentioning that you can just hold the sprint button to have your horse automatically go towards the objective? Why am I running in circles around this tree? Why am I taking the long scenic route when I can see on the map, that I should be taking that bridge over there? Fix it!


This seems like a minor issue to some, but it’s incredibly annoying to have to press the “interact” button several times for the game to register the action! You shouldn’t have to completely stop dead in my tracks, look precisely at the area, and press “x” 3 times in order to mount Roach or pick a flower. Fix the context sensitive interactions!

The Witcher 3 is amazing, and is likely my game of the generation before MGSV comes out. This isn’t meant to be an entitled, complaint piece about what they need to change right here and right now, but rather a list of improvements the studio can make to further amplify an already amazing experience. Did I leave something out? Is there something on teh list you don’t agree with? Leave your comment down below, and let us discuss!