Underground Park

Today, I bring you an interesting park concept. Here, we can see images, a video, and an article pertaining to this marvelous underground park. It uses fiber optics to emulate and mimic natural sunlight, providing a similar effect without the harmful UV rays from the sun. What’s interesting, though, is the implication towards our future. Will indoor, artificial parks,  become the next norm?

I love the outside as much as any nature lover, but the prospect of a mosquito-less outdoors experience is kind of enticing. The planning is quite elaborate, and I can only assume that something like this is being planned for other states aside from NY. I see this as a great alternative for when really being outdoors isn’t as valid as an option (in the case of intense heat or winter), but I can also see how this idea can become exploited, and be a service, rather than an open experience for all to enjoy (much like public parks). I’d love to see the concept expanded to included soccer and football fields, or even bike paths! Maybe even art exhibitions and installations that artists couldn’t do because of weather changes!

Check the VID!