Whatever happened to just playing nice?

Whatever happened to just playing nice?


Seems like a simple enough question even if most of us don’t play like this in the real world. Its dog eat dog when it comes to the job market, doing something nice is looked upon with weird eyes, and even holding the door for someone barely happens these days.  But believe it or not random acts of kindness and just general politeness are not dead; they’re just hidden beneath all the garbage that this world loves to shove in your face.  It’s always easier to see the bad then the good; you just have to look a little harder.

That brings me to what I’ve noticed in the gaming world.  Like some gamers, I’ve been around for a few years now (I guess a decade or two would be more accurate).  When it comes to online gaming, I’ve played on: PC, ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox 360.  You know, the regulars.  It seems that certain folks like to hide behind this “invisible wall” that is an online connection and just say or do whatever they feel like.  Granted, that’s part of the fun of playing online.  “I don’t know you, so hey “f*** you” is the general attitude a lot of people take, especially when void of a mic.  And hey, I’m cool with that.  My recent encounters with GTA online have taught me that if seen you’re fair game for getting: run over, shot at, blown up, and even an aircraft dumped on you.  There’s no sense in trying to change the nature of this as that’s why it can be fun.  To do things you cannot do in normal life, and get away with them 😉


The problem that needs to be talked about here is the increased negativity and hate that we’re seeing.  It seems like if you try and stick up for something you like/believe in/support, there’s always someone out there that will (and wants to) tear you down for whatever you just said.  “Trash Talk” is ever prevalent as I continue to hear little kids spew what they think are insulting profanities (when really they don’t know what a rimjob is yet), or how some race thinks they’re better than the other race (I hear the n-word on a more regular basis than from a Lil Wayne song), and of course how someone is gay or a fag for doing x/y/z.  Now if you’re reading this, and you’re someone that is 18 and up, please swear all you f***ing want.  You’re an adult, or at least considered of age in the states, so go ahead.  You’ve earned that, and please get creative with it.  If you’re a kid that shouldn’t be playing daddy’s game, a guy or gal that got a mature rated game because “everyone is  playing it and I begged my parents”, or even the random internet troll that wants to try and make some else’s life hell; please, go away.  I know you probably won’t, but cussing at you….well that never ever works.


Now, for those of us of age and with some common sense, this next one is for you.  Besides the online trash talk, tea-bagging, and the cataclysmic tear-downs of someone’s performance on an FPS: there are some elements to this “right to hate” that need to be more openly discussed.  The bashing and hate mongering has gone beyond the quality of gamer we should represent.  It’s all about: what you own, why you own it, which is better and why.  It’s the age-old story of “MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!”.  In particular, this next-gen race has heated up all the forum boards, gaming websites, and back-alley chat rooms.  To try and discourage the negativity, I wanted to throw my 2 cents in and I’ll also note that I won’t quote any specific facts/stats/prices.

I’ll be honest, I’m a Sony fan boy and I’m not afraid to admit it.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m no stranger to various consoles and I’ve owned/played several from multiple competitors.  When this next-gen console race started I wanted to find every hole I could in Microsoft’s plans to make sure that ANYONE I talked to knew what piece of garbage they were getting before they even laid eyes on it.  From my perspective earlier this year: Sony was upfront with me, they catered to my needs as a gamer, and they were HONEST.  Microsoft….well I’ll let you peruse the ole web and find what you can (there’s a lot out there).  Policy reversals, up-scaling of resolution, game exclusives; it seems like the more I hear from the MS camp, the more I steer away from their console.  But that is MY choice, and this is the little advice I want to give to anyone considering a new next-gen console in a couple weeks: what games do you want to play?  If it’s something on both platforms, consider both (see Battlefield, COD, FIFA, etc).  Take price point into account if that matters, but get the most bang for your buck too.  Some of the things MS is doing functionality-wise is pretty amazing (for a console) and gamers should take note.  The Kinect is still new technology and we could continue to see amazing advances in this area.  The Playstation 4 is a little more affordable, and has some similar tech that you might be interested in too (they just aren’t shoving it in your face as much).  What it always should come down to though is the games.  What can I play on one that I can’t play on the other?  Could be: Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5 (all Xbox one exclusive).  And it could be: Killzone, Knack, Infamous (all PS4 exclusives).  That’s the bread and butter to me though.  What games make your product look as good as you make it sound?  What game is going to make me play till 5 in the morning?

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Basically, before you fly off the handle and tell your buddy why the Playstation 4 is going to single-handily destroy Microsoft or how Xbox One is going to dominate your living room, stop for a second.  Deep breath.  Try not to hate so much on something, and find the good that’s there.  I think you’d be surprised at what each one has to offer, rather than how they’re going to f*** you in the end


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