Why I Returned to Warframe


It’s been years since I’ve played Warframe, which was mainly due to a huge influx of games launching that I wanted to sink my teeth into, and the slow updates on console. I’ve primarily played on PS4, and updates on PS4 came slowly. I got distracted, and spent more of my time on other games, even though I had spent countless hours on Warframe.

While the same base game has always been fun, if you stretch yourself too thin on any game that is repetitive in nature, you may get burnt out. At the time, story based content was at the bare minimum, and the incentive outside of unlocking more stuff to play around with just wasn’t that compelling anymore. 

I recently started streaming Warframe on twitch after years of not really playing, prior to my foray into streaming. Broadcasting it rekindled a love for the game, with my viewers expressing excitement in offering info on what’s changed, and what I should explore! But oh-so many things had changed, and I had a lot of catching up to do.

Ships were no longer just glorified loading screens, but rather, had actual space inside that you could explore and unlock components for. There was a deeper sense of purpose in what you did in the game, with many more story based missions and events that help tell the story of who these Tenno were in relation to this world, and what stakes were at play when it came to the Grineer trying to take control of said Tenno. Hell, there’s even a story element to the tutorial! What DE has done here is nothing short of awesome, with several new Warframes, weapons, user interface and control changes, and even less digital footprints. And that doesn’t even factor in a little something else I wanted to discuss.

Planes of Eidolon is the new massive expansion coming to Warframe that’ll open up the experience for players in a new, open world environment, with instance based objectives, missions you can accept from people in the nearby towns, massive boss battles, seamless archwing combat traversal, new weapons and equipment, and much more.

Then there’s something called “The Second Dream” that I keep hearing about, that goes far above and beyond what Warframe has ever done. Some even go as far to say it has some of the best story based gameplay and cinematics of other games like it, which I find both fascinating and intriguing. I’ve plugged countless hours into the game, and upon booting it up, learned that I have much more content to get through before I can even access this second dream. I’m excited to get there.

Between the positive and enthusiastic community, the new frames and missions, story based content, future updates, weapons, and amazing dev team, I have so many reasons to continue playing, and I’m absolutely thrilled that Warframe is continuing to kick ass. I just wish I could transfer my content from PS4 to PC to make playing with those viewers easier on myself. Sony isn’t too keen on the idea, as with cross platform play, which is a real shame. For as much as I adore Sony, and the playstation brand specifically, it seems they’ve gotten too contempt with being the market leader. Stances on stuff like this may cause trouble for them in the long run in terms of public perception and their willingness to do what’s best for gamers.


But what do you think? Are you picking Warframe back up? Have you never played and is this your first time hearing about it? Let’s discuss!